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We have two key strengths at . First; in an emergency lock-out situation, is the locksmith that is top of mind among folks living in Louisville, KY area. After all we have a whole fleet of fully-equipped mobile units on call 24 x 7, available 365 days a year (even on week-end and holidays). When you call, we dispatch one of these units and our locksmiths. All of our locksmiths have over 10 years of experience in resolving emergency issues swiftly. Additionally, all our locksmiths are qualified and carry a valid ID which is always readily displayed when demanded – in an emergency, it’s nice to have a trusted locksmith come over and resolve your emergency swiftly. 

Today, fortunately, more and more folks in Louisville, KY area are calling us to do assessments of the security at their premises and to install all kinds of locks and locking devices. They don’t wait for an emergency to happen and then call us. Their proactive decisions to call us in early, has reaped them many benefits, the first and foremost being peace of mind. It’s such a relief to know that your car, home or office is secure and really hard to break-in. So you, your family and your loved ones can sleep soundly at night.

Logan Locksmith Shop Louisville, KY 502-353-2423We have experience in a really wide range of locks and security devices. Everything from padlocks and spring locks to the latest digital locks and transponder keys, are dealt with by our team. Want a safe with sophisticated tumblers? Need a new safety chain, safety grilles or shutters? Want to fix that loose deadbolt? Call us. And when you call us for you 24-hour a day locksmith needs, you can be confident in knowing that because customer satisfaction is out top-priority. Our most qualified locksmiths for be doing using their skills to make sure your premises have been made extremely secure.


Emergency Locksmith Services

Because locksmith issues can arise any time, Logan Locksmith Shop is available 24 x 7, throughout the year. We have a whole fleet of mobile locksmith units which are always on standby, awaiting your call. Each of our mobile units is fully-equipped with all the equipment and tools you would require to ensure you get re-entry into your premises quickly. Even if you require a high-tech transponder key made from scratch, our locksmiths can do that in minutes, right there at the location where the emergency arose –even if it’s your have been locked out of your car on the outskirts of town. 

Security Professionals

They have complete mastery over the whole field of security and locking devices. That’s why folks in Louisville, KY area are so keen to call us when they need locksmith services. They know they will get the best security professionals in the industry that can not only fix up their lock and key issues but also advise them on enhancing their security. Right from suggesting lock replacements to installation of industry-approved impregnable high-security locks, they can provide a custom solution for your needs. Many of the recommendations they make can not only make your premises more secure, they can also help lower the cost of your insurance premiums

What Does a Locksmith Do?

Locksmithing is a traditional craft that dates back many ages. It’s also a craft that demands many hours of study and practice under a skilled locksmith. It requires mastery of the science of how locks and locking devices work. A simple key replacement is no longer the core of what the locksmith trade represents. Our team can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation on the state of your current security system, and make important and potentially life-saving recommendations. Upgrade of locks, lock repairs and lock changes are frequently made, to protect your home, business, vehicle or garage.
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