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Most people will think about calling a locksmith only when they face an emergency. Some of the more common emergencies are ‘lockouts.’ Perhaps you forgot to carry your key. Perhaps you left the key inside and shut the door without even realizing that you are locking yourself out. Only when you return from work in the evening do you realize you are locked out and need a locksmith. Perhaps your key just broke inside the lock. Some of the most distressing emergency calls are when there has been a burglary or break in. That’s when you decide that it’s time to change all the locks. Such emergencies can arise at any time and at such times you need a reliable locksmith firm like Logan Locksmith Shop to help you out. 

We are adept in handling the emergency situations irrespective of the complexities. Our myriad range of services goes beyond in meeting the expectations of the customers and focuses on the prevention of such problems in near future. Logan Locksmith Shop has an array of technical professionals at the helm to identify the problem that is hampering its functionality. We have experimented with a range of locks since inception to resolve the issue and get the customer moving as soon as possible.

Self contained mobile units:

You will be surprised to know that we have numerous mobile locksmith units to service the Louisville, KY area and help the people in distress. Each unit consists of a vehicle replete with modern technology machines to deal with various lock smith issues. They are not just ordinary vans but have the capability to reach the point of service as quickly as possible. All you need to do is to contact us, avail the services and get out of any emergency situation.

Skill and competency level:

The professionals working with us are skilled and extremely competent. They do not panic in any situation but calmly go about doing their job with maximum efficiency. Right from key duplication to its cutting everything is performed at the client site within few minutes without towing the vehicle to the nearest repair shop. They have developed efficient work methodologies to make the whole process a breeze before you even realize, the problem is solved. 

Diverse range of services:

Our 360 degree range of services includes the following facets:

Logan Locksmith Shop Louisville, KY 502-353-2423

  • Eviction services
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Availability in Louisville, KY area
  • Resolution of lockout from offices and vehicles
  • Quick extraction of broken keys 
  • Repairing the ignition 
  • Laser cutting new keys
  • Eliminating existing digital lock codes
  • Installation of new locks
  • Key cutting services
  • Broken key removal from lock
  • Onsite unlock service for doors, cabinets etc
  • Creating transponder keys
  • Unlocking the trunk
  • Repairing of simple locks
  • Key duplication 

We treat every situation as priority as customers want urgent resolution of their problem; therefore our team is selected after rigorous trials and is trained regularly to stay ahead of the skill and knowledge curve, thereby making our locksmith professionals the best of the existing lot.  Besides, the Logan Locksmith Shop staff also has a solid reputation of not only reaching quickly at the spot but also diagnosing and rectifying the issue as fast as possible. 

Avail the services of Logan Locksmith Shop because we are far ahead of the competition not only in skill sets but also in the quality of customer service!

Lock Repair

It takes a very skilled locksmith to know how to repair a lock that seems to be damaged. If repair is possible, you can save time, money, and inconvenience. We have a lot of skill and ability in that area. Our locksmiths are trained in the workings of many different types of locks. That’s why they also know how to repair those locks too. If ever you feel that you would like to call in one of our locksmiths and assess a damaged lock to see if you could repair the same, call us. If you need a more permanent solution, our staff can replace your lock on-site.