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Logan Locksmith Shop Louisville, KY 502-353-2423Many times people call us to complain that the key broke in lock and refuses to budge. Extraction of broken keys is a common job for the team at Logan Locksmith Shop. The use of precision tools and equipment make this a worry-free affair without any damage to the locks in the process. Small and sturdy, the last thing you expect is the key to break just when you are turning it inside the lock. However, these things happen quite frequently. The reason behind this might be poor maintenance of the locks, regular wear and tear to the key, or application of too much pressure when turning the lock. This naturally will make you complain that the key broke in lock.

Why the key broke in the lock?

Constant use always takes its toll. Your sturdy looking key is no different in this matter. The two major reasons why the key broke in lock might be the following.

Weak points: It refers to deep grooves and cuts within the key structure. Due to long-term, continued use, cracks might originate from the weak points. Ultimately, the key snaps mostly when you least expect.

Lightweight construction: Hardware store keys are made from lightweight materials. As such, these are not ideal for regular or rough use. These products are prone to cracks, bending, and breaking.

Are you facing key troubles? Call in the experts

The key broke in lock, so what are you going to do now? It is not going to be a smart move to insert anything in the keyhole, move it around, or try to pry the lock open. The trouble with such amateur measures is that they will complicate the situation further. You might sustain injuries or damage the entire lock. It's quite easy to prevent anything like this from happening if you apply some common sense. When the key broke in lock, it is time to call in the experts from Logan Locksmith Shop. Our services are everywhere across Louisville, KY area so reaching you is easy.

Why choose our services when the key broke in the lock?

The reason behind this is simple we use the least intrusive and non-damaging methods to extract the broken pieces from the lock. After restoring the operation of the locking mechanisms, we will also cut new keys for you on the spot using precision tools. All the while, our services remain affordable.

Now you know what to do next time you cry out, ‘the key broke in lock’ - Just give us a call!